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Organic Matcha Green Tea
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Organic Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea is nothing like the so-called green teas sold in tea bags. Connoisseurs of green tea prefer to source organic green tea from Japan, where it is still picked and processed in the traditional way. Organic Sencha green tea is still relatively easy to find but Organic Matcha Green Tea is becoming rare, even in Japan. This is a very valuable product for people who care about their health.

Green Tea is much healthier than black tea which has been around a lot longer. They are both from the same tea plant, the prime difference being in their production methods. Black tea leaves are produced by roasting, whereas green tea is produced by lightly steaming. The roasting of black tea results in it oxidising. This process results in the loss of the highly beneficial polyphenols.

Matcha Green Tea - Rich source of EGCG a powerful polyphenol.

Studies have shown that polyphenols in green tea are especially beneficial and are understood to give the body superior antioxidant protection to Vitamin C or Vitamin E. Epigallocatechine gallate or EGCG as it is more popularly known is the best known of these polyphenols. Green Tea has been shown to support healthy cholesterol levels, balance blood sugar levels and stimulate the immune system.  It is also believe to help stimulate weight loss.

Sencha Green Tea and Matcha Green tea are regarded as being the highest quality green teas. Matcha is the most exclusive . In Japan it is used in official tea ceremonies and for other special occasions.  It is to the Japanese what a special bordeaux is to the French. Only the finest leaves grown in covered areas is used in Matcha Green Tea. It is a powdered tea. The leaves are steamed, then dried and stone ground.  in Japanese tea ceremonies the powder is measured out with a small bamboo spoon into a porcelain dish  where it is whisked with a bamboo brush into a sweet, highly nutritious green drink.

Green tea is highly tolerable, particularly in comparison to black tea or coffee. In Japan and other cultures that drink green tea the average consumption is approximately 3 cups per day. This equates to approximately 250 to 300mg of polyphenols per day.  Green tea does have a slight stimulating effect. Excessive consumption before bedtime may cause difficulties in getting to sleep.. However it has been shown that those people who are particularly sensitive to caffeine are much less sensitive to green tea.

High Quality Source of Increasingly Rare Organic Matcha Green Tea

Our Matcha Green Tea Powder is manufactured by WHC who focus on the highest quality ingredients in their products as has been seen by the recognition of the quality of their fish oils.

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Organic Matcha Green Tea 50g

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Matcha Green Tea is supplied in 50g packs. To prepare, add 1/3 (1.5g) of a teaspoon to a cup of hot water (not boiling). Stir and leave for 2 minutes. Then drink and enjoy!

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