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Green Vibrance Powder
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Green Vibrance Powder

Green Vibrance – An Energy-Boosting Superfood

If you’re looking to enhance your energy levels naturally, Green Vibrance is just the product. Among its many functions, the concentrated superfood helps promote health and restore high levels of vitality to the body.

The recipient of numerous awards, Green Vibrance has been clinically formulated to augment modern diets, which are often deficient in valuable micronutrients. Since its first appearance over 20 years ago, the alkalizing superfood powder has been of great use to those wishing to bolster their general health, strengthen their cardiovascular system and cleanse the body of toxins. Over that two-decade period, the ingredient list has been constantly updated to take advantage of advances in nutritional research. 

A Different Kind of Green Supplement 

Superfoods have lifted off in recent years, but Green Vibrance deserves special mention owing to its exhaustive number of ingredients. Amazingly, there are over 70 organic or wild harvested green grasses and nutrient-dense superfoods contained in each serving. They include organic kelp, barley leaf, wheat grass, green tea extract, chlorella, goji berry juice and organic spirulina. To say probiotics are also in rich supply would be an understatement: there are 25 billion friendly probiotics in each serving at time of manufacture, in addition to antioxidant herbs, enzymes and Vitamin D3. 

The quality of the supplement’s ingredients is just one reason why it was named top green superfood by Better Nutrition magazine in three of the last five years. And Green Vibrance reviews bear testament to the blend’s effectiveness in supporting digestive, cardiovascular and neurological health. 

We all want our bodies to operate at full capacity; Green Vibrance delivers the requisite synergistic ingredients to help us pull it off. 

Who Should Use Green Vibrance?

If someone is eating a balanced and wholesome diet, then it will supply them with all the nutrients they require for optimal health. However, the general consensus is that there is a high percentage of the population consuming insufficient amounts of nutrients, with consequent harmful effects on health. Helpfully, Green Vibrance Powder compensates for this shortfall. 

The benefits of detox powders, green food supplements and alkalizing superfoods suggest that pretty much everyone should supplement their diet with such a formulation. If you’re feeling sluggish, combating stress or finding it difficult to meet your daily quota of vegetables, Green Vibrance represents an outstanding solution. As well as the aforementioned ingredients, the supplement is a high source of Vitamins A, C, D, E, K and B12; it’s also rich in such minerals as iron, magnesium, selenium and chromium. 

Stocking Up On Superfood

Green Vibrance is available in an array of sizes and forms, the better for suiting your needs. If you wish to try the product out, a 15 Day supply might be the best choice – although it’s also available in 30 Day, 60 Day or 1kg tubs. Sachets and capsules are available too, making it easier than ever before to consume your quality green superfoods on the go. Just mix with water or fruit juice and drink at your leisure. Alternatively, add a scoop of Green Vibrance into your regular superfood smoothie or superfood salad.

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Green Vibrance Powder 15 Day 180g

Green Vibrance Powder 15 Day 180g

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Green Vibrance  Powder 30 Day 360g

Green Vibrance Powder 30 Day 360g

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Green Vibrance Powder 60 Day 720g

Green Vibrance Powder 60 Day 720g

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Green Vibrance Powder 1KG

Green Vibrance Powder 1KG

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Green Vibrance Sachets x 15

Green Vibrance Sachets x 15

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Presentation by Mark Timon, Formulator of Green Vibrance Powder

Micronutrient is the term used to describe a range of vitamins and minerals which are essential in small amounts, for normal growth and metabolism.

  1. Fat soluble vitamins are mostly found in oils, nuts, liver and green leafy vegetables and the body can store excess vitamin A, D, E and K in fatty tissues and the liver.
  2. However, water soluble vitamins including B and C tend to be excreted when there is an excess. This means that it is essential for daily doses of these vitamins – found predominantly in fresh fruit and vegetables – to be included in a balanced whole food diet.
  3. Minerals are crucial for the body's ability to utilise the vitamins consumed from the foods that we eat, many of which come from green leafy vegetables and sea greens. 

The human body is naturally slightly alkaline in order to function correctly. Some people are very sensitive to changes in pH and in order to maintain the slightly alkaline base, it is recommended that 80% of the diet is made up from alkaline-forming foods and fluids. Many of the foods in today's Western diet have an acidic effect on the body which is why a diet rich in vegetables and fruit is encouraged. Green Vibrance is designed to meet our demands at a metabolic level. It contains an abundance of alkalizing grass extracts which contain micronutrients that are not always present in today’s Western diet. A daily serving of this alkalizing supplement will provide phytonutrients, live gut supporting bacteria and valuable antioxidants to ensure we are operating at peak efficiency.

To begin restoring your body to optimum balance, take a daily scoop of Green Vibrance with water or your favourite juice/smoothie. Alternatively, you can take your daily greens in capsule form. Once opened, care should be taken to store Green Vibrance Powder in a fridge or freezer.

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Q: Is it safe for me to take Green Vibrance while I am pregnant?

A: It is safe to take Green Vibrance during pregnancy. In fact, many women have used Green Vibrance throughout their pregnancies to great benefit for both themselves and their child. Green Vibrance has been formulated to provide everyone with a broad width of essential nutrients including a number of trace elements that can improve circulation, encourage healthy growth and even improve digestion, which can in turn help ensure that nutrient intake is as efficient as possible.

According to a number of online sources, ginkgo balboa should be avoided by pregnant mothers. However, the potential dangers associated with this plant extract are mainly related to dosage and cardiovascular integrity. Unless you intend to take hundreds of milligrams of ginko balboa, or have a pre-existing cardiovascular problem, you should not suffer from its inclusion in Green Vibrance.

Q: Is Green Vibrance safe for children?

A: Yes, Green Vibrance is suitable for children, although Super Kids Vibrance may be preferable since it has been specifically balanced to meet the nutritional needs of young people.

Q: Can I use Green Vibrance if I am breastfeeding?

A: Yes. Green Vibrance is a fantastic way of ensuring that both mother and child have full access to the nutrients needed to promote energy levels and healthy growth. It can also help to keep pH levels balanced, which is essential during development.  

Q: Can I mix Green Vibrance with other vitamins, proteins or super foods?

A: Yes. Green Vibrance is very healthy in and of itself, but you can combine it with other powdered supplements if desired, and we would actively advise that you supplement it with healthy omega-3 oils for more complete nutrition.

Q: Can taking Green Vibrance reduce the risk of cancer?

A: Yes. According to a wide-ranging study by Imperial College London, eating as many as ten portions of fruit and veg per day can reduce cancer risk by 13%.

Q: I am going through chemotherapy and/or radiation, can I still use Green Vibrance?

A: Yes. Anecdotal evidence from our clients suggests that many customers undergoing chemotherapy actually feel better during chemo while taking Green Vibrance.

Q: Do I need to take a multivitamin with Green Vibrance?

A: Green Vibrance contains almost every nutrient known to man, so it is not technically necessary. That said, many people like to supplement Green Vibrance with Rainbow Vibrance for added antioxidant support.

Q: Can I give Green Vibrance to my cat or dog?

A: Yes. Many pets significantly benefit from the inclusion of Green Vibrance in their diet. Just use the child-sized dosages listed on the usage tab to the left.

Q: Can I put Green Vibrance in a feeding tube?

A: There should be no problem with taking Green Vibrance through a feeding tube, but we would always advise that you seek advice from a qualified medical practitioner first.

Q: Does Green Vibrance contain soy?

A: No, Green Vibrance version 10.3 and earlier contained lecithin from soy. However, there was never any detectable soy compounds found in Green Vibrance. Today, Green Vibrance contains lecithin derived from sunflower.  

Q: Is there caffeine in Green Vibrance?

A: There is a very small amount of caffeine in Green Vibrance – 4/10ths of a milligram, which comes from the decaffeinated green tea.

Q: How is Green Vibrance gluten-free when it contains wheat grass?

A: Our wheat grass is harvested before the jointing stage, prior to sprouting. Since it is sprouting that produces the grain, and thus the gluten, our wheat grass extract stays completely gluten-free.

Q: Can I use Green Vibrance as a weight loss product?

A: Yes, Green Vibrance Powder can be taken as a meal replacement, although we would advise mixing it with one level scoop of Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder in order to keep yourself feeling sated.

Q: When is the best time to take Green Vibrance?

A: The best time is about half an hour after a light breakfast. Many clients tend to use Green Vibrance in a smoothie for breakfast though, which is also fine. The most important thing is to make sure that you're taking Green Vibrance Powder routinely, at a time which is convenient for you.

Q: I left the Green Vibrance out on the counter, is it still good?

A: Yes, we advise freezing or refrigerating Green Vibrance Powder to stop the delicate probiotics it contains from denaturing but, as long as it is not exposed to excessive heat or moisture, Green Vibrance Powder is still perfectly healthy after a night on the kitchen counter.

Q: Can I cook with Green Vibrance?

A: No. Heating Green Vibrance Powder will kill many of the probiotics and denature many of the delicate trace nutrients it contains. Green Vibrance Powder is a vibrant, raw powder that should be mixed into drinks or smoothies – never heated.

Q: I have osteoporosis and my doctor prescribed that I supplement with a specific mg's of ELEMENTAL calcium daily. Does Green Vibrance Powder contain elemental calcium?

A: Last time it was checked, there was 156 mg of elemental calcium in Green Vibrance Powder. Green Vibrance also contains boron, zinc, vitamin D and vitamin C – all of which can help to improve calcium uptake and ensure that your body can use it to properly mend your bones.

Q: Is Green Vibrance vegan?

A: Yes, the most current version of Green Vibrance (version 14) is vegan because the vitamin D3 now comes from lichen rather than lanolin. 

Q: Can I use Green Vibrance more than once a day?

A: Yes. Green Vibrance can be taken one or more times per day. More than once per day and up to three times per day is recommended for crisis intervention.  

Q: My Green Vibrance Powder tastes and looks a little different to last times...What gives?

A:  Green Vibrance is a food and therefore is not standardised like most supplements. Depending on weather conditions and/or when or where the crops are harvested, the taste and colour may vary very slightly.

Q: I found Green Vibrance in my cabinet; it is still in date, is it safe to take?

A: Yes. There are two desiccant packets in each container of Green Vibrance. One is a moisture-absorbing packet, the other an oxygen-absorbing packet. Removing moisture and air from the container helps to keep it fresh. However, once opened you should store Green Vibrance in your refrigerator or freezer (best).

Q: Is Green Vibrance free from common allergens?

A: Yes, Green Vibrance is free from common allergens.    

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Take this every morning without fail and when I'm having a hectic day and grabbing food as I go, at least I've had my greens!
Not sure about the product. Early days.
We always use this in our morning home made green smoothies. Has everything in we like and cannot comment on the taste as is mixed in with a host of other things in our smoothie. This time, the company kindly added another tub for us, for free, as they were both dented but without compromising the...
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