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Field of Greens Powder
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Field of Greens Powder

If you’re looking to up your intake of green vegetables, one supplement that could help is Vibrant Health’s Field of Greens Powder. A fantastic formulation of organically harvested greens and freeze-dried grass juices, it is the ideal complement to organic, kosher, vegan or raw food diets. 

Green powder benefits are numerous, and Field of Greens delivers everything you could possibly expect from a fully natural product. Fourteen of the most alkalizing plants and vegetables are contained within a single jar, each dehydrated at low temperatures to fully preserve nutrient strength. While many advertised ‘green’ products are infused with green tea and fruit, Field of Greens is strictly greens – a potent blend of vegetables and grasses sourced from the finest organic farmers in the USA.

Field of Greens – An Organic Superfood

The term ‘superfood’ has really taken off in recent years, as everyone from athletes to nutritionists tapped into the appreciable potential of certain edibles to fortify our immune systems, reduce our risk of heart disease and cancer, and help improve our blood sugar levels. 

To be sure, superfoods are particularly beneficial – rich in nutrients and vitamins, low in calories, packed with fibre… But not all superfoods were created equal. A supplement such as Field of Greens, for instance, should certainly be regarded as nutritionally superior. That’s not only due to the number of greens contained within every jar, but as a result of the meticulous manufacturing method. The ingredients have been processed at temperatures under 40 degrees C, with all vegetables and grasses dried and concentrated from 7 to 10 degrees C. By adhering to this strict protocol, the integrity of the nutrients is maintained and their raw states preserved.  

Many Shades of Green

In order to reap the benefits of alfalfa, parsley, spinach, kale and collard, you’d think a trip to the supermarket would be in order. Then of course there’s the dilemma of planning meals which utilise these greens. Sounds like a lot of work, right?

With Field of Greens Powder, you can simply add these nutritious ingredients (and more) to a glass of water for a purely green drink. The taste is very easy to get used to. Alternatively, the blend makes for a healthy addition to salads, protein shakes and smoothies. Should you desire, you can also mix into orange juice. One scoop yields the equivalent of four servings of vegetables. Music to your ears if you’re following a detox diet plan!

Super Green Powder in Two Sizes

Our Field of Greens Powder comes in two sizes, allowing you to stock up on a 30 day (213g) or 60 day (426g) supply. Green goodness is just a scoop away!

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Field of Greens Powder 30 Day

Field of Greens Powder 30 Day

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Field of Greens 60 Day 426g

Field of Greens 60 Day 426g

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Field of Greens contains:

  • alfalfa grass whole-leaf powder
  • alfalfa grass juice powder
  • barley grass whole-leaf powder
  • barley grass juice powder
  • oat grass whole-leaf powder
  • oat grass juice powder
  • wheat grass whole-leaf powder
  • wheat grass juice powder
  • alfalfa sprout powder
  • parsley powder
  • collard powder
  • kale powder
  • broccoli sprout powder
  • spinach powder

Field of Greens is a powdered raw-food supplement that can be added to any cold drink. Simply stir one rounded scoop of Field of Greens into 150ml to 300ml of water, smoothie or fruit juice of your choice, then stir well, drink and enjoy.

Once opened, you should store your Field of Greens in a cool, dry place. 

UK Label

Field of Greens UK Label

International Label

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Fabulous product. We use it regularly
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